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New Initiatives

Useful Conversion of Solid Waste in Municipal Area:
Scientific and useful disposal of waste is the need of the hour. Salient features of the project are:
  1. Tender on BOOT Basis
  2. Plant site: Village Langariyawas.
  3. Municipal Solid Waste supplied to the contractor at plant site: 350 MT/Day. (Plant capacity 500 MT per day)
  4. Land Required by Contractor :25 Acres
  5. Revenue share with Jaipur Municipal Corporation is Rs. 1.01 /MT.
  6. Rs./MT/Year,Performance Guarantee (in the form of Bank Guarantee) : Rs. 20.00 Lakhs.
  7. Lease Period: 30 Years
  8. Lease Amount Re. 1.00 /Sq. Mtr./Year
Letter of Acceptance has been issued to M/s Grasim Industries Limited Mumbai on 13.06.05. The agreement was executed. The work for establishing the Plant has been completed on 31.01.2007. Estimated cost of Project: 20 Crore.